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REM Magazine Conscious AssetHandle With Care

Severe services demand special care in design, operation and maintenance if the systems designed for those services are to operate safely and reliably.

Severe service could mean operation in what we might consider an extreme environment – say deep underwater, the vacuum and extreme temperatures of space, very dirty places like mines or other services where the environment would harm anything not designed for them




Featured Articles in PEM Magazine

PEM_October_14Planning For Results

There are two things you must do in a successful maintenance program: be good at doing your work and make sure that you only do the right work.  Both are needed to deliver asset reliability – the cornerstone of sustainable, safe and quality production levels.  In chasing reliability many turn to programs for defining the right work such as Reliability Centered Maintenance and many of those efforts will fail.  Why?  Poor or ineffective planning.

Failure of Reliability improvement programs can be from poor execution of the methodology but more often those failtures are as a result of something more basic.

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Should We Outsource?

Outsourcing is a form of alternative service delivery where one company hires another to perform some of its functions.  It’s fairly common in some fields, such as accounting, manufacturing and IT, but not as common when it comes to maintenance and asset management.


That’s because there are a lot of fears around outsourcing and many are well founded. Quality service is a major concern.  An outsource service provider may not be as oriented towards provision of services as your own staff. 




Silver Bullets Backfire

In my work with hundreds of client companies I see plenty of failed improvement programs.  Consultants are called in to help rescue a failing program, clean up the mess after a failed program attempt or start a new program afresh.  For those that are making their second (or more) attempt there are many reasons for the failures, some technical, may related to company culture and, almost always, things were rushed. 

This is an era of instant gratification.  We want silver bullet results.  Things happen fast all around us and so we expect to see similar changes where we work.  

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Featured Presentation: Starting Your Improvements With a Positive Approach

 Partners In Training

Partners In Training PEM Edmonton, Burlington, Sudbury 2014


Maintenance improvement initiatives are traditionally started with an assessment by a third party. In a short time someone who knows little about your operation comes in, asks a lot of questions and then presents findings, often with a score, creates a great deal of angst and resistance to change. Many initiatives begun this way are destined to fail. Like the old joke about consultants taking your watch and telling you what time it is – the assessment tells you what you already know. In fact, you probably requested the assessment because you already feel there is room for improvement but don’t know where to start.  Why begin on a negative note? There is an alternative that will be presented in this session. It avoids the cost and angst of an assessment and gets your improvements started quickly doing things your own people deem to be needed. Find out how you can uncover some low-hanging fruit along with the more difficult challenges and get some benefit right from the start.


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