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ISO 55000 - What's Not To Like?

While ISO 55000 is still new and undoubtedly will change as experience is gained, it is here to stay. Interest in it is growing in all sectors. Even the private sector with its strong profit focus is looking at it from the perspective of finding ways to leverage it into lower costs and increased outputs at lower risks (hence lower financing and insurance costs).

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CA_no_surprises.pngNo Surprises! - The Conscious Capital Asset Framework

If we are to be good at Asset Management we need to under-stand what it is and what it is not, begin to think of our business more holistically, consider our role as contributing to a greater whole and start behaving differently. Once we’ve achieved that, Asset Management should be sustained – it never stops. Putting it in place is not just a project with a beginning and end although it may start that way. It is really about putting in place a new corporate culture and continually improving it. This book speaks to those changes and how to go about doing it.


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upTime-1.pngUptime - Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management

Following in the tradition of its bestselling predecessors, Uptime: Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management, Third Edition explains how to deal with increasingly complex technologies and set the stage for compliance with international standards for asset management.  Written by James Reyes-Picknell (Conscious Asset) & John Dixon Campbell

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