Conscious Asset provides a variety of specialty services to industrial clients. We are always on the lookout for people who share our vision of helping industry become more productive by getting the most value from its physical assets. This entails a blend of technical knowledge, experience and interpersonal skills. We find that our most successful consultants possess the following attributes:


  • Knowledgeable and experienced (typically 10 years or more),
  • Capable of seeing the “big picture”, how your work helps the corporation improve and capable of explaining it in easily understood terms,
  • Open minded – you realize that you do not have all the answers and you are always learning,
  • Service and results oriented,
  • Focused on how they can value, not on what they get out of an engagement,
  • Capable of working both independently and on small teams,
  • Good communicators (written and oral),
  • Demonstrated abilities to teach (formal classroom) and coach (one on one or with small groups),
  • Willing to work away from home (typically 1 or 2 weeks at a time, rarely but sometimes longer),
  • Low maintenance – they realize that they are there to solve problems, not create them,
  • Excellent “bed-side” manner with other consultants and especially with clients.


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Positions Available:

 We are looking for talent in the following areas of expertise. Persons with some, but not all of the requirements listed are welcome to apply.


Reliability Management:

  •  Engineering or Technologist background with extensive experience needed. Advanced degree (MEng or higher) is preferred.
  • Knowledge of Reliability mathematics, statistics and systems’ modelling.
  • Advanced certification in Reliability Centered Maintenance (preferably RCM2), Root Cause Analysis (various methods).

 Information Management Consultant:

  •  Strong background in information technology, preferably with experience in large integrated enterprise wide systems.
  • Strong business process orientation rather than technology focus. Recognize that technology is a tool, not a driver in business processes.
  • Knowledge of information governance to ensure value is derived from information assets.

 Materials Management:

  •  Extensive experience in supply chain processes including purchasing, inventory / stores management, logistics.
  • Deep understanding of maintenance planning and the importance of its integration with materials management processes.
  • Good understanding of spares and stock modelling and mathematics to determine optimum spares inventory levels, buy quantities and timing to meet system availability requirements as well as conventional stock modelling calculations.

 Lean Management:

  •  Background and extensive experience in lean manufacturing environments.
  • Can demonstrate how lean principles will work in other industries besides manufacturing.
  • Strong business process knowledge with a focus on eliminating waste in all forms.
  • Very strong facilitation skills when working with client teams / task forces. Knowledge of and demonstrated use of various facilitation tools / methods.

 Work Management:

  •  Deep knowledge of maintenance work management, planning and scheduling practices.
  • Experience working with planners / schedulers or in the role (preferably the latter).
  • Ability to explain the importance of integration between planning and materials management processes and to show how work management is a foundation for further improvements in asset reliability.
  • Very strong coaching skills, particularly working one on one with client planners.