Our Consulting Team


Conscious Asset is pleased to introduce our Consultative Associates. 

 The consultants have been chosen for their professional and industry expertise including the breadth of specialized skills in physical asset and reliability-centred maintenance management, project management, engineering-related background and their ability to produce deliverables with superior service and technical know-how to Conscious Asset’s clientele.




James Reyes-Picknell

 James Reyes-Picknell is the President and Co-Founder of Conscious Asset. He specializes in management of maintenance and physical assets for facilities, plant and fleet equipment, reliability improvement for physical assets, and asset management strategy and implementation.

 James has recently co-authored "RCM Re-Engineered".  He is the best-selling author of “Uptime Made Easy” and has contributed as an author in several books and magazines.  James is a teacher, trainer, speaker and management consultant who focuses on delivering improved equipment availability, increased productivity, lower costs, improved safety, and risk management performance. 

James is also a Certified Asset Management Assesor as prescribed by the World Partners in Asset Management.  

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Aileen Reyes-picknellAileen Reyes-Picknell

 Aileen Reyes-Picknell is an entrepreneur with a high octane blend of passion, creativity, financial acumen and deep insight into what drives people. While she’s able to see, create and imagine infinite possibilities, Aileen is a natural skeptic who needs solid proof before allowing herself to be convinced to get behind a business, product or service.




UriUri Wittenberg

Uri Wittenberg is a hands-on entrepreneur who combines his creativity, breadth of experience and foundation of analytical thinking to produce positive measurable results.  He specializes in business excellence and logistics, continuous improvements, lean organization optimization and executive management coaching. Additionally, Uri is a solutions-oriented participative facilitator and team building, conflict resolution expert.

Uri improves organizational effectiveness by using agile strategy, methods and learning tools with focus and unity.  His extensive experience as a facilitative leader and team builder allows him to amalgamate the insights of multi-disciplinary groups to attain sustainable enterprise-wide solutions.  



 RichardBeerPic..jpgRichard Beer

A 1990 graduate of the MBA program at Concordia University, Richard Beer has been a Maintenance Management Specialist since 1993.  Richard currently works as a Practice Manager where his knowledge and expertise assist our client organizations to transition from reactive to proactive maintenance. 

Richard brings practical experience having worked as a Maintenance Planner and Manager for Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Airport.  In addition Richard worked for Datastream Systems as a lead consultant for their software implementations and training on their MP2 and MP5 (Currently Infor EAM) systems.

His abilities in strategic management as it relates to maintenance is unrivalled as  witnessed in his top ten golden rules of database management and can be found at www.trosolutions.com.  Richard has thrived in a "misunderstood" and often forgotten niche of business offering maintenance management solutions to manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food processing and transportation industries in need of maximizing plant uptime, optimizing PM programs, stores management and reducing maintenance costs. 

Highly personable and down-to-earth, but at the same time, well-versed in technology and his Industry, Richard is a clear champion of "out-of-the-box" thinking.  He knows what is needed to succeed.



Glen FelzienGlen Felzien

 Glen Felzien has a proven talent for devising effective process improvements and for capitalizing on strong communication and negotiation talents to obtain buy-in for concepts from operational front-lines, maintenance groups, and senior management.

Glen advocates using asset reliability to maximize equipment effectiveness and uptime for industrial enterprises, leveraging cutting-edge predictive and preventative maintenance technologies, strategies and methodologies to reduce waste, limit environmental damage, and your improve bottom line. Glen specializes in many areas including reliability centred maintenance, business flow identification and planning, and process engineering and enhancement.


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