Practical Optimization of the RCM Process





RCM-R® addresses those weaknesses and aligns decision making about risks and data interchange with demands for technical precision and management accountability.



RCM-R® Learning Capabilities

  • Learn the enhancements that align it with standards for risk management and data exchange while ensuring the best evidence-based decisions are used wherever possible
  • Learn how the process works beyond the analysis part of the effort. 
  • Discover how the project becomes an ongoing sustainable prograRCMRBetterApproach.pngm
  • Understand how failures manifest in physical assets.  Understand how to detect and deal with those failures before they become problematic to your business.
  • Learn how minimal failure data is used to help make good decisions.
  • At advanced levels, learn how to facilitate RCM-R® analyses; how to lead your RCM-R® initiatives and projects; how to sustain the benefits you will gain.


Training You Can Use - Now!

Our evolved approach provides flexibility in getting the needed training by providing more focused classroom sessions with online examination.  With specialized training and experiential requirements, you will gain certifications as an RCM-R® Analyst, Facilitator, or Instructor.  The RCM-R® training and certification is compliant with the Standard SAE JA-1011 and it follow its guidance closely.  An RCM analysis can be ready within a few days.  If you have RCM software tools that follow these standards, you can still use them.



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