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Conscious Asset provides all the components to efficiently construct the bridge between where you are today in technical performance and where you want to be in the future. We provide training & workshop sessions to maximize the effectiveness of your workforce.


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Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM-R) Training Event 

Pubic Course:   April 3 and 4, 2018     Toronto, Ontario


Do you want the most from your plant, fleet, systems, equipment? Are you tired of unexpected breakdowns and losing revenue because of them? Could your safety performance stand some improvement? Do you worry about potential environmental fines? Do you experience breakdowns soon after you’ve just overhauled something? Are your maintainers and operators actually cooperating with each other?

 These are all serious business issues and risks you can deal with. Despite its name, Reliability Centered Maintenance is not just about maintenance. Far from it. We deal with operational problems, human errors, environmental and safety problems. We keep your physical assets operating at levels you want for much longer than you can otherwise. We even help you do it at lower costs than you might expect. The effort to make an operation more reliable is far less than the effort to fix it when it breaks.

 Learn how your business can benefit from Reliability Centered Maintenance. Our approach to the RCM method and how we train it is refreshingly new and well suited to operations running lean on manpower and struggling to learn because there’s no time for it. We don’t waste time in classrooms when we can be teaching in the field on real projects that deliver results right from the start.  

 Join us and learn about RCM Re-engineered (RCM-R®). It’s enhanced in ways that serve both you in your career and your business!

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James Reyes-Picknell of Conscious Asset will host a public training event for reliability centered maintenance.  This is your first course in the certification path to become an analyst and facilitator.  You can even become certified to teach RCM-R!  Contact us for more information at 1 705 408-0255.